Subversion Support Build Process

Subversion support is not part of standard daily builds. This paper describes how to build it.

Checkout Sources

Checkout standard NetBeans IDE module plus subversion project module.

Substitute anoncvs by your login if you have developer role.

standard_nowww subversion

Checkout both modules into one working directory.

You can use either command line client or NetBeans CVS Checkout wizard.


Assure you have installed API Support modules:

then open subversion/main project and from Project explorer choose Build with Dependeciens and Try:

and thats all. Next NetBeans IDE with Subverions support is started (requires Subversion client (svn) version 1.3 or later).


Use Debug Project action that is next to Build with Dependencies and Try one

or command line e.g.: netbeans/bin/netbeans -userdir /tmp/CHANGE_IT -J-Xdebug -J-Xnoagent -J-Djava.compiler=NONE -J-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=6666 -J-DsvnLog=/tmp/nbsvn.log

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