Subversion Integration Demo Script

This script describes steps that should be demo-able using the first Subversion prototype.


Build module binary from subversion module sources tagged by teepee-teaser tag.


Demo is shown for https repository (e.g. https://peterp/securesvn). It's necessary to pernamently accept server certificate using command line svn (e.g. svn info https://peterp/securesvn) because integration does not support certificates yet.

In NetBeans disable CVS support (it competes for IDE popup menus)

On Windows deinstall TortoiseSVN (it competes for _svn administrative files)

Setup Tasks

  • Import un-versioned project into repository
    Create new AnagramExample application and on project node select Import.
    It shows Import wizard, with repositry browser TODO automatically ignoring non-shareable project data,
  • Checkout existing sources from Subversion repository.
    Checkout imported AnagramGame into second working copy. The second copy is used later on to show update.
    It shows: Checkout wizard, repository browser, automatic recognition of checked out NetBeans projects.

Update-Edit-Commit Work-flow

  • Make local changes: edit lib code; add 2 new classes and ignore one of them (not on Windows); remove test, rename WordLibrary.
    It shows status changes in project explorer. Added and modified files.
  • Check project status, Show Changes
    In Subversion view view it shows removed files, ignores ignored files.
  • Diff before commit.
    It shows local changes.
  • Commit local changes.
    It shows Commit action UI.
    It shows commit progress feedback.
  • Update remote changes
    From Subversion preview remote changes (then diff)
    TODO cause conflict and show Resolved action?

Working With Copies

  • Create a copy
    if copying modified WC it shows warning. Check copy using repository browser.
  • Switch to copy
  • Merge with a copy.
    TODO dialog is little bit sluggish

Project Features

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