The primary goal of the subversion.netbeans.org project is to deliver a first class Subversion integration module for NetBeans IDE. To learn more about its features, click here.

      The Subversion module is currently available for 6.0 and 5.5 versions of NetBeans IDE.

  • NetBeans 6.0 users - the Subversion module is already included in the standard distribution, enjoy. See the Guided Tour of Subversion for NetBeans IDE 6.0 for more information how to perform basic versioning tasks in the IDE.
  • NetBeans 5.5 users - visit the Update Center (Tools/Update Center) and download the Subversion module listed in the Version Control category.
IDE with Subversion module
IDE with Subversion module


NetBeans 6.0

Available for NetBeans 5.5 and higher.

Getting Started

Mailing lists

To send feedback, get support, and receive updates and information about Subversion support in NetBeans, subscribe to interest@subversion.netbeans.org. You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending a blank email to interest-subscribe@subversion.netbeans.org. You can also send questions and feedback to nbusers@netbeans.org.

The Team

Known Issues

Browse our bugzillato find out about already posted bugs, enhancements and feature requests. Feel free to file a new one if there should be any relevant problem or new idea troubling you and it has not been covered yet. Thanks.

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Project Features

About this Project

VersionControl was started in November 2009, is owned by tpavek, and has 103 members.
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