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These pages are the home of a CVS client library, written in Java. Full source code is available for the library. The source is hosted as part of the Netbeans open source project. You can download the latest source using CVS or, alternatively, grab a snapshot.

The library is essentially complete. There are a few non-essential commands still to be implemented but the code is stable. The library is currently used in the following projects:

If you are using the library in your project, send an email and your project or product will be added to the above list.

The library is completely standalone, with the intention that it can be used in almost any application. However, in order to help with testing, a Java implementation of the CVS command-line tool has been developed in parallel with the library. This command-line CVS tool is bundled with the source code. If there is enough demand, it would be only a small amount of work to turn that into a production-quality clone of the CVS command-line tool.

Comments are very much welcomed, and should be sent here.


The following documents are available. It is recommended that you at least have a fleeting glance at these before downloading or attempting to use the library:
  • Design Overview. Gives an overview of the class hierarchy and how it is intended to be used. The classes themselves have been commented using javadoc but this document explains things in more detail. New now includes UML diagrams!
  • Getting Started. Describes how to use the library and has code samples, without going into unnecessary details. New!
  • HOW-TO build the library


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