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The Clearcase support is not included in standard daily builds. The main goal of this release is to get as much as possible feedback from the community in an early state.


Install the Clearcase module

  • download a Nebeans 6.1 daily build. It is recomended to use a build from the beginning of Febrary 2008. In case you should encounter problems which will hinder you using the IDE then it's still possible to try a newer one. Just be aware that there might be changes in the future which will break the current modules functionality.
  • or get the module from our develepment Update Center - choose Tools > Plugins in the main menu, select the Clearcase module in the Available Plugins tab and click Install.

Setup your Clearcase environment

  • Clearcase Rational client software must be installed and the connection to a server must be properly setup
  • ensure that the cleartool software is in your path
  • if working with dynamic views
    • on windows - the view must be started
    • on *nix- you have to start the IDE from the views context to be able to access your files

Release notes

Consider this release as a bleeding alfa version in it's very early state. Any kind of usage with production data is not recomended and only at your own risk.


  • Supported only for NetBeans 6.1. Tested with daily builds from the begining of February 2008.
  • Clearcase Rational client software must be installed on the client computer and a connection to the server must be properly setup

Supported features

  • Main and contextual menus functional
  • Limited support for basic set of commands implemented: Checkout, Uncheckout, Add to Source Control, Checkin, Update, View Revision, Describe, Ignore/Unignore
  • Limited level of IDE intergation: Annotations bar, Diff, Inline diff
  • Limited support for Refactoring
  • Apply Diff patch facility
  • Automatic checkout when user tries to modify a file
  • Status color and icon badges displayed for files in a changed state - checked out, hijacked, deleted, new ...
  • Clearcase view skeleton ready
  • Invoking of native Clearcase tools - Browse History, Version Tree

Known issues

  • The 'Import into Clearcase Repository' doesn't work at all. In case you want to get a project into a vob you have to copy it (outside from netbeans) into the vob and invoke the 'Add to source control' action on the project node. To create a new project in a vob just let the IDE to create it in the vobs directory.
  • module may cause severe perfomance breakdown in the IDE if the Clearcase client software isn't running on the client computer
  • to remove a file from the IDE it has to be checkedout to get the Delete action enabled.
  • Browse our issuezilla to find out about already posted bugs, enhancements and feature requests.

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