The primary goal of the project is to deliver a first class Rational Clearcase integration module for the NetBeans IDE.


Available for NetBeans 6.1 (Q2 2008).


The Netbeans ClearCase module is available on the Update Center. Choose Tools > Plugins in the main menu, select the Clearcase module in the Available Plugins tab and click Install.

If you feel lucky you may also get the actual development state from http://hg.netbeans.org/main/contrib and build the module yourself.

Getting started

Mailing Lists

To send feedback, get support and receive updates and information about the Clearcase support in NetBeans, subscribe to clearcase-interest@versioncontrol.netbeans.org by sending a blank email to clearcase-interest-subscribe@versioncontrol.netbeans.org. You may also send questions and feedback to nbusers@netbeans.org.



Development documents

Known issues

Browse our issuezilla to find out about already posted bugs, enhancements and feature requests. Feel free to file a new one if there should be any relevant problem or new idea troubling you and it has not been covered yet. Thanks.

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